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The Never Game

The Never Game

Jeffery Deaver

Call no.: DEA -[LRG] (Available on eReads and Overdrive)

All rights reserved. New York: Random House Large Print, 2019

Nineteen-year-old Sophie wakes up imprisoned with five objects that she can use to escape or die trying. What began as a simple search for a missing person plunges expert tracker Colter Shaw into the shady heart of Silicon Valley and the ruthless billion-dollar video game industry. In this brand new investigative series, enigmatic investigator Shaw makes his first foray into the gaming world, battling wits and risking his own life to save yet another kidnap victim. He soon realises that he is not the only one on the hunt; someone is on his trail and closing in on him fast.

A riveting, fast-paced story full of twists and turns, veteran thrill-meister Jeffrey Deaver pushes all the right buttons in The Never Game.

Text: Tan Yiing Yee (National Library Board)

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Jeffery Deaver

DEA -[LRG] (Available on eReads and Overdrive)

New York: Random House Large Print, 2019

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