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Death Notice

Death Notice

Zhou Haohui


Call No.: ZHO [MY]


All rights reserved. New York, Doubleday, 2018


Death Notice is the first novel of a bestselling trilogy by Zhou Haohui, one of China’s top thriller writers. In this gritty page-turner, we explore the limitations of justice. Set in modern day Chengdu, the murder of a revered police sergeant reopens a cold case after 18 years. Then, as now, the killer fashions himself as an anonymous vigilante. The public is invited to nominate potential targets whose crimes have gone unpunished, death notices are delivered and a serial killing spree is executed on deadline. Despite the frenetic effort of an elite task force, the police are taunted and humiliated at every turn as targets turn up dead right under their complete protection. Readers will be racing with the police to unmask this mysterious avenger and while the end of this first book invites speculation of future characters, it is a satisfying criminal intrigue on its own.


Death Notice is available as a book and an e-book.


Text by Tan Yiing Yee


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Zhou Haohui


New York, Doubleday, 2018

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