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To Hold Up The Sky


Cixin Liu 


Call No.: English LIU – [SF] 


All rights reserved. New York: Tor, 2020


Cixin Liu is one of the most popular science fiction writers in China. While best known for his trilogy, The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu has also written several short stories over the years. These short stories are now collected in his new anthology, To Hold Up the Sky. Closely examining humanity’s relationship with the universe, the short stories in this anthology present a unique take on the impact of science in the past, present and future. From “2018-04 -01” where gene extension technology can affect the course of one’s life; to a remote mountain village in “ The Village Teacher,” where basic physics knowledge of students prevents the total destruction of Earth; and finally, to “ Time Migration” where the human race has given up on the present and decides to travel to the future – readers will be taken through an epic journey through time and space as they experience Cixin Liu’s To Hold Up the Sky.


Contributed By Lim Han Sen


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Source: National Library Board. Reproduced with permission.



Cixin Liu 

English LIU – [SF] 

All rights reserved. New York: Tor, 2020

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