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Council for Third Age

The Council for Third Age, C3A, set up in May 2007, is an agency which promotes active ageing in Singapore through public education, outreach and partnerships. As an umbrella body in the active ageing landscape, with its focus on lifelong learning, senior volunteerism, and positive ageing, C3A works with and through partners to help third agers age well.

C3A is the administrator of National Silver Academy (NSA) and the Silver Volunteer Fund (SVF), as part of the initiatives under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing.

Through various initiatives and platforms, third agers can self-discover and enhance their different dimensions of wellness in their journey of positive ageing. C3A aims to create a vibrant pro-age Singapore where seniors can participate as integral members of society.

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National Silver Academy


The idea for a senior learning academy first began in 2015, after we received feedback from seniors about their desire to spend more of their time learning, both for work and for interest. They felt that learning activities helped them to keep their mind active, as well as stay socially engaged and in touch with current affairs.

The National Silver Academy (NSA) was thus formed.

Comprising a network of course providers, the NSA offers a wealth of learning opportunities that were never before so widely available to the public. Universities like NUS, NTU, SMU and SUSS, and the polytechnics are now open to seniors who want to pursue courses without taking exams. This is in addition to existing part-time and short course programmes that already cater to current working adults. 

Beyond the universities and polytechnics, the NSA also offers courses – from the arts institutions, ITE and community-based organisations. Another unique feature of the NSA is that its courses cover life skills, in fields as varied as gerontology, media, design, finance, IT, the humanities and the arts, among others.

NSA courses are subsidised for seniors aged 50 and above, and most courses are SkillsFuture Credit eligible too.

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