About C3A

The Council for Third Age, C3A, set up in May 2007, is an agency which promotes active ageing in Singapore through public education, outreach and partnerships. As an umbrella body in the active ageing landscape, with its focus on lifelong learning, senior volunteerism, and positive ageing, C3A works with and through partners to help third agers age well.


Fostering a society where seniors live full, active and meaningful lives.


To make active ageing a way of life.

Senior Learning


National Silver Academy (NSA) is one of the initiatives under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing. Launched in 2016, NSA comprises a network of post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs) and community-based organisations, offering a wide range of learning opportunities subsidised for seniors aged 50 years and above, to learn for interest and stay active. Most courses offered are also SkillsFuture Credit eligible.

Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP)

ILP aims to promote intergenerational bonding by pairing youths and seniors in a group learning environment.


schools & community organisations
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NSA @ The Community

Bringing active ageing opportunities to seniors in the community

NSA 3rd Anniversary Celebration & Roadshow

2 – 3 August 2019

The National Silver Academy (NSA) celebrated its third anniversary on 2 August 2019 with seniors and partners at the National Library. The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, President Halimah Yacob. As part of the celebrations, a two-day roadshow was held from 2 to 3 August, where seniors checked out dozens of participating partners offering a wide array of courses designed and subsidised for those aged 50 and above.





Event Highlights

Active Ageing Nuggets

1 – 2 November 2019

The Active Ageing Nuggets was held at Heartbeat @ Bedok, to bring more lifelong learning opportunities to seniors in the heartlands. Through the two-day event, seniors and their loved ones could pick up valuable knowledge and tips to age well through the dozens of talks and educational videos, plus movie screening too!

Community Outreach

Held in collaboration with National Library Board, C3A organised teaser talks and bite-sized courses across different public libraries, to broaden awareness of NSA to seniors in the community. Topics include mindfulness, crafts, IT, financial literacy and more. In addition, to provide more accessible learning opportunities for seniors, NSA courses were held at Senior Activity Centres (SACs) which were conveniently located in the neighbourhood.*figures since launch

NSA Teaser Talks


learning places taken

over 45sessions

Bite-Sized Courses


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over 36sessions

Senior Activity Centres


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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we learn and play. However, it is important to continue to stay positive and keep mentally and physically well. During this period, C3A strives to provide a greater array of online learning opportunities to seniors so that they can continue to learn and keep active whilst staying safe at home.

‘Stay Home, Stay Active’ initiative

C3A introduced the ‘Stay Home, Stay Active’ initiative to help seniors and their loved ones stay physically and mentally engaged while they stay at home. This initiative includes NSA online courses, the SMILE Pack, as well as a specially created microsite, offering a one-stop platform with curated content covering a variety of online learning resources and the latest updates on COVID-19.

NSA e-Nuggets Series

As part of the ‘Stay Home, Stay Active’ initiative, a series of live talks is run on C3A’s Facebook, covering wide-ranging topics from health and wellness, tech, finance to crafts on a weekly basis. Besides picking up useful tips, seniors can post questions and comments during an interactive Q&A segment of each live talk.

Visit the
‘Stay Home, Stay Active’
microsite here! >>

Senior Volunteerism

Volunteering allows seniors to share their experience, knowledge and skills and contribute back to society. In doing so, it brings about a sense of fulfilment and meaning to their silver years.


Senior volunteers benefitted
(since launch)

by volunteering through


Volunteer Organisations


CBP Service Providers across


Volunteer Programmes



What roles can seniors take up?

Seniors can take up different roles such as being a facilitator, interpretor to organising activities and counselling, through various volunteer opportunities available by our partner organisations. Seniors can also volunteer as a befriender through the Community Befriending Programme (CBP), run by community organisations across Singapore.

Visit www.c3a.org.sg/volunteerism to view the full list of volunteer programmes.

Hear from senior volunteers

If possible, I hope I can be a community befriender to more seniors. To me, if I can make more friends while helping others, why shouldn’t I continue?

- Mdm Chua Kit Han, 65

I enjoy socialising and find spending time with other seniors very meaningful. Volunteering as a befriender has helped to keep me physically and mentally active.

- Mdm Renuka Devi Ratty, 66

I enjoy being a volunteer. Many people just need someone to talk to, and it is good to see what I can do for them.

- Mdm Rukumani Subramaniam, 65

When we see the happiness on the faces of the people we help, it makes us happy as well.

- Mr Walter Chan Yee Cheong & wife, 56

Positive Ageing

C3A Portal (www.c3a.org.sg)

is a one-stop digital resource platform which aggregates senior-related news, activities, promotions and schemes to cater to the needs and interests of seniors.

To promote a positive mindset towards ageing and help seniors in their self-discovery journey, C3A developed the Positive Ageing Toolkit, which is a DIY tool to aid seniors to discover and track their wellness levels through the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.



toolkits distributed since launch

Available in English, Chinese, Malay, as well as online at www.c3a.org.sg