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The Jane Austen Project

The Jane Austen Project

In a future where practical time travel has been mastered, Rachel Katzman and Liam Finucane are selected for a daring mission: meet Jane Austen in 1815 England and steal her unpublished manuscript. Thrust into 19th century society and its restrictions, Rachel must suppress her independent streak to play the role of a spinster sister and allow Liam, an actor-turned-scholar, to take the lead in their charade as a pair of West Indies planters.

As their friendship with the Austens deepen, Rachel and Liam’s foreknowledge of the misfortune to befall the family tempts them to interfere with history and possibly jeopardise their mission. Fans of Jane Austen can rejoice in this debut novel that combines the elegance of the Regency era with the excitement and thrill of time travel fantasy.


Text: Nurfaiezah Osman (National Library Board)


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Kathleen Flynn

FLY (Available on eReads and Overdrive)

New York: Harper Perennial, [2017]

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