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How to Breathe: 25 Simple Practices for Calm, Joy, And Resilience

How to Breathe: 25 Simple Practices for Calm, Joy, And Resilience

Breathing is a biological component often taken for granted in our daily lives. But what if we were to examine the ways we breathe and modify them for a better quality of life? What if our physical, emotional, and intellectual potentials can be achieved by adopting simple breathwork?

In this elaborate guide, author and lauded expert Neese presents a variety of transformative breath-focused practices, including some that can also be carried out with a partner or child. With many years of professional experience as a fulltime breathwork teacher, she highlights breathing techniques as well as insightful tips to incorporate into different aspectsof our lives.

How to breathe is a love letter to an anxious modern world in need of a respiratory reboot. It is part inspiring, part healing and guarantees a refreshed you from the first moment you start reading right down to the very last word.


Text: Seri Mazliana Maszlan (National Library Board)


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Ashley Neese

613.192 NEE -[HEA] (Available on eReads and Overdrive)

California: Ten Speed Press, [2019]

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