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The Face: Strangers on a Pier

The Face: Strangers on a Pier

The Face: Strangers on a Pier

Tash Aw

Call no.: 920 AW

All rights reserved. Brooklyn, New York: Restless Books, [2016]


“Same-same like me. Maybe it isn't to do with our faces, but with our wish for everyone to be like us. We want the stranger to be one of our own, someone we can understand.”

Delve into acclaimed author Tash Aw’s personal history with The Face: Strangers on a Pier, a collection of six mini-essays. Speaking across generations, Aw explores his complicated family relationships and cultural past of his Malaysian and Chinese heritage. He retraces his grandfather’s first steps of migrating to Malaysia, speaks of the many unspoken things in his father’s personal narrative, and relieves his own childhood memories. He contemplates again and again the regrets and sacrifices made by earlier generations and what that means for his. Along the way, Aw makes many astute observations on migration, identity, class, and mobility as he lyricises and brings the reader between rural villages and glitzy cities.

In an age of hyper-globalisation, where does one’s place in this world actually begin and end?


Text: Tan Yu Lin (National Library Board)


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Tash Aw

920 AW

Brooklyn, New York: Restless Books, [2016]

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