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TCM Diet for Wellness

TCM Diet for Wellness

Ignite your playfulness and embark on a remarkable journey towards a healthier, more joyful life with Traditional Chinese Medicine




Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier and more joyful life? Join our upcoming webinar and discover the fascinating world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)! In this webinar, we will delve into TCM's profound belief in prevention rather than cure, encouraging you to embrace a lifestyle filled with play and excitement.


Explore the abundance of TCM herbs that can seamlessly be incorporated into your daily routine, unlocking the secrets to vibrant well-being. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as we reveal how ordinary foods can double as extraordinary herbs, adding a playful twist to your culinary adventures.


But that's not all! Our experts will guide you in understanding your unique body constitution and help you identify the foods that are tailor-made for your well-being. It's time to embrace a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle through the transformative power of TCM.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to ignite your playfulness and take charge of your health. Sign up for our webinar now and prepare to embark on a remarkable journey towards a life filled with vitality, joy, and boundless fun!


Workshop Details


Date: 30 September 2023, Saturday


Time: 11am to 12.30pm


Platform: Zoom




  • $10 Public
  • $8 NTUC member
  • $6 U Live member


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About Zhongjing TCM


Zhongjing Traditional Chinese Medicine (Zhongjing TCM) was established in 2014 under the name of TCM Homecare and Nanyang Zhongjing Institution. A decision was made to rebrand and combine the strengths of both services. Therefore, in 2019, TCM Homecare was renamed as Zhongjing TCM. The rebranding aims to collectively provide services of medical services and institution under the umbrella of Zhongjing TCM.


Zhongjing TCM prides themselves in sharing TCM knowledge through lifelong learning with their very own Zhongjing TCM Institution. Zhongjing TCM is also committed to cater to individual needs encompassing personalized TCM modalities and herbs. Their state-of-the art equipment, quality of herbs and products undergo the strictest quality checks so that you can enjoy with a piece of mind.





30 Sep 2023

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