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Make Your Own Toothpaste from Eggshells | Time of Your Life

Make Your Own Toothpaste from Eggshells | Time of Your Life

Time: 02:00 PM – 04:30 PM


Repurpose eggshells to make your own toothpaste!


About this event


Important Notice 


This programme/event is open to members of the National Library Board, Singapore and those who are aged 50 years and above. Please ensure you have your myLibrary username on hand before proceeding with the registration. If you do not have a myLibrary username, you can create one here:


NOTE: Registration is only approved if your myLibrary ID is verified. 


About the Programme


Find out how you can make your own toothpaste using a very simple ingredient – eggshells! Not only are you able to repurpose the eggshells to reduce waste and save some money, there is even some research to show that the calcium in the eggshell powder has the potential to help in the remineralisation of enamel to protect your teeth. Be kind to the earth and to your teeth at the same time! Register now.


*Important Instructions*


Participants must prepare and bring their own egg shells on the day of the programme. Please follow the steps below:


  • Wash the eggshells to remove the membrane and any egg liquid;
  • Place in boiling water for 5-10 mins before drying;
  • Place in clean bag or container and bring to the workshop. Participants should bring as many eggshells as you can, preferably about 10 eggs’ worth of shells.


This programme is part of the NYP Sustainability Series for Seniors organised in collaboration with the Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Applied Sciences. 


About the Series 


The Time of Your Life (TOYL) programme series features informative talks, creative workshops, book clubs and learning communities for those aged 50 and above. Seniors can pursue their interests and stay informed on a wide range of topics such as health, sustainability, career, technology and the arts. 


NOTE: Registration is only approved if your myLibrary ID is verified. 


Please note the following: 


  • All participants are required to register for a ticket. Each ticket admits 1 person only. Please present your ticket when you enter the library and the event venue. 
  • Arrive 10 mins before the session commences. Seats of late attendees may be given to those in the waitlist. 
  • Please take note of the current prevailing safe management measures and keep your mask on at all times. 
  • NLB reserves the right to deny entry to participants who do not abide by the ground rules. 
  • Photographs and videos will be taken during the session and images captured may be used for publicity purposes. 




29 May 2022

Organised By:

National Library Board


Tampines Regional Library
1 Tampines Walk
Singapore 528523


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