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Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline by Dr. Ho Eu Chin

Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline by Dr. Ho Eu Chin

Time: 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM


Health Talk on Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline by Dr Ho Eu Chin, ENT Senior Consultant Gleneagles Hospital




Not everyone with hearing loss will develop dementia. However, it's essential to take steps to address hearing loss, such as using hearing aids, to reduce the risk of developing dementia.


Studies suggest that people with hearing loss are at a higher risk of developing dementia and that the risk increases as the degree of hearing loss worsens. Here are some ways that hearing loss may be related to dementia:


Cognitive Load: When people with hearing loss are in environments with background noise, they have to put in extra cognitive effort to understand speech. This extra effort can lead to cognitive overload and make it more difficult for them to perform other cognitive tasks, such as remembering things or paying attention. Over time, this added cognitive load may contribute to the development of dementia.


Social Isolation: Hearing loss can make it more challenging to communicate with others, which can lead to social isolation and loneliness. Social isolation and loneliness are known risk factors for dementia.




Saturday, 1 April - 3pm-4.30pm (including 45min Q&A)


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Onsite: Brahm Centre @ Simei 148 at Block 148 Simei St 1 # 01-121, Singapore 520148


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01 Apr 2023

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Brahm Centre


Brahm Centre Simei @ 148
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