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Genes vs Lifestyle, Impact on Your Health

Genes vs Lifestyle, Impact on Your Health

Time: 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM


Your genes load the gun, your lifestyle pulls the trigger.


About this event


Visceral fat, the type of fat that surrounds your organs, can put you at greater risk for chronic diseases. This fat is found at the belly area.


Whether is it for aesthetic or health’s sake, is the inches of your waist a concern? During this covid season, some of us may have started eating healthier and exercising more but are not seeing the outcomes that we have hoped for.


The truth is that everyone’s genes are different, so is our bodily responses to food consumption and other lifestyle factors. Discover what you can do for optimal health and how you can find out what foods are good for YOU!




Dr Chong Yeh Woei is a senior physician in Singapore Medical Specialist Centre. He has a vast experience in the area of internal medicine and other medical diseases being in private practice for 20 years.


Being an active member of the Singapore Medical Association (SMA), he is currently the Chair of the Membership Committee and served multiple leadership roles since 1998.


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22 Jan 2022

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Brahm Centre




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