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Digital Cutters Starter Session | MakeIT X TOYL Celebration

Digital Cutters Starter Session | MakeIT X TOYL Celebration

Time: 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM

Carry out precise and intricate cutting with the help of technology!


About this event

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Important Notice

This programme/event is open to members of the National Library Board, Singapore. Please ensure you have your myLibrary username on hand before proceeding with the registration. If you do not have a myLibrary username, you can create one here:


About the Programme

Join us for a fun and hands-on session at MakeIT with our ScanNCut digital cutting machines*. The ScanNCut is a crafter’s dream. It allows you to cut intricate patterns and shapes from materials such as paper, foam, and vinyl for your own custom projects.

*A Digital Cutting Machine is a printer-like machine that can make precise cut-outs on a variety of sheet material. At MakeIT, we use the Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut, which is a Digital Cutting Machine that is safe and easy to use.


This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Use different types of materials and mounting methods when using a digital cutter.
  • Use the ScanNCut’s scanning and cutting features to transfer designs from paper to other materials
  • Create a basic folding box using the ScanNCut’s pre-installed templates
  • Import images into the manufacturer's CanvasWorkspace software to do cutting for custom projects

This session is suitable for beginners.


Please note the following terms of participation:

(a) During the Workshop, you will be creating works which could include written works, photography and videography works, art works and other works (“Works”). By registering for and attending the Workshop, NLB is granted the perpetual non-exclusive licence by you to deal in any way with the Works created by you in the Workshop for any NLB purposes of a non-commercial nature.

(b) Completed Works from the Workshop may be selected to be featured in an exhibition. If selected, you agree to loan your Works to NLB and it will be returned after the exhibition. We will share more details with you if you are selected.

(c) NLB shall have the right to capture videos and images relating to the Workshop including of you and your Works and to use the same for any NLB purposes such as in exhibitions, publications and presentations (including on online and successor platforms).

(d) You must ensure that the Works produced at the Workshop must not feature anything that:

i. Undermines prevailing social norms, for example by featuring nudity, offensive language or crime (these examples are not exhaustive);

ii. Can potentially be insensitive or cause disharmony among racial and religious groups; or

iii. Is political in nature.  

NLB’s decision on what is covered under (i), (ii) and (iii) above shall be final and participants may be asked to leave the Workshops for non-compliance.


About Time of Your Life Celebration 2021

A narrative is a personal story that conveys who you are and the forces that shaped you. It can also be a powerful tool to frame events and make sense of changes that take place in your life. At this year’s Time of Your Life Celebration 2021, explore your personal narratives with us through talks and workshops. Try your hand at new skills and weave your narrative threads into different forms of artwork that expresses who you are.

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NOTE: Registration is only approved if your myLibrary ID is verified. 




21 Oct 2021

Organised By:

National Library Board


Tampines Regional Library (MakeIT, Level 4)
1 Tampines Walk
Singapore 528523


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