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Building A Stronger Mind and Body

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Are you coping with mental and physical challenges as you age? Sign up for our bundle course consisting of "Introduction to Chinese Medicine" and " C3A AgeMap – Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives ". You will learn the basics of Chinese medicine and understand how it can improve your health. You will also discover ways to strengthen your mental resilience and well-being to cope with the challenges of ageing through the C3A Mental Well-being Curriculum.


Packaged Course Fee is $55.00 nett (usual: $66.00)


This package comprises the following courses:

  1. C3A AgeMap – Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives 
    How many times have you heard that ageing is stressful? But did you know there is something we can do about it?  Through “C3A AgeMap – Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives”, which comprises of lectures and activities, you will learn how to better take care of and improve your mental well-being, and continue to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This course is designed by a community aged-care physician with many years of practice knowledge and experience in the promotion of physical and mental well-being in seniors. 
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  2. Introduction to Chinese Medicine (Conducted Online)
    This is a 6-week online course introduces participants to basic prinicples and concepts of Chinese medicine. The course will help the participants to have an understanding of Chinese medicine. A few common herbs and acupuncture points will also be introduced.
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Package Fee S$55.00 (usual: $66.00)


Renhai Centre Ltd



15 Hours


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