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My Memories of Bukit Ho Swee | Archives Invites - James Seah

Besides its notorious reputation in the 1960s, Bukit Ho Swee is also known as the location of one of Singapore’s biggest fires. Join James Seah – the blogger behind Blog to Express and keen observer of Singapore’s changing landscape and development – as he shares his memories of Bukit Ho Swee and the infamous fire that broke out when he was just 11 years old and what the place means to him. James will also share films of Bukit Ho Swee with nostalgic scores recorded by River Valley Concert Band.

James Seah is the author of Blog to Express. His blog post on the Bukit Ho Swee fire was handpicked by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and showcased during the 2011 National Day Rally. Calling himself a recycled teenager, James writes about Singapore history through the lens of his memories and perspective. His blog features posts such as the Great Great World, School Excursions in the 1950s and Tributes to the Samsui women of Singapore.

The River Valley Concert Band was formed in 1978, consisting of the woodwind, brass and percussion sections. Its members have a strong passion for music and have performed across various platforms, from internal concerts in River Valley Primary School, to the Singapore Garden Festival 2018 at Gardens By The Bay. The Concert Band is also an active participant in the Singapore Youth Festival. They actively give back to society and spread the joy of music to the public through their Values in Action projects with Bishan Home.


Source: National Archives of Singapore. Reproduced with permission.

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