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Grand For a Reason - Dr George Khoo

A story about Dr George Khoo, 84 who refuses to retire. The familiar face at Rochor Centre has been operating a clinic there for the last 30 years.

Savour inspiring tales from our senior community. Like novels that have stood the test of time, every older member of our community has a story to tell that speaks volumes of the experiences, connections and wisdom they've amassed through life. 

"Home Without Walls" by SingTel celebrates the amazing connections we make every day that defines and builds this world we call home. This movement aims to inspire families to make real and meaningful connections with the people that matter most, bringing people together to rediscover the joys of bonding and putting family, friends and loved ones first. 

While each story gathered here is unique, we hope to show that beyond obvious differences, we are all connected by the dreams, aspirations and experiences we share.

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