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Exam-free Modules

Exam-free modules are drawn from existing full-qualification programmes offered by ITE, polytechnics and universities. Eligible seniors may attend these modules alongside regular students who are taking these modules for credit, i.e. to earn a certificate like a degree or diploma, but while the regular students need to sit for the exams, seniors do not need to. Exam-free modules do not lead to credit or any qualification. Exam-free modules can be completed within the usual module duration, typically lasting a term or a semester.

Our participating institutions are making special arrangements for seniors to attend classes meant for regular credit-bearing students at a token fee. Places are limited and subject to availability.

Only Singaporeans aged 50 and above in the year of course commencement may apply for exam-free modules.

The registration process may differ depending on each course provider. Please note that successful registration does not guarantee a place in the course. Applicants are advised to read the course details or check in with course providers as to the detailed process for registration and information on notification of successful course placement.

SkillsFuture Credit can be used on top of existing government course subsidies to pay for approved skills-related courses under the NSA. SkillsFuture Credit can be used to cover both the course fees payable and GST imposed on the course fees.

Please read the course details to check if the course is SkillsFuture Credit-eligible.


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