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What Happened to my Brain?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in our brain?  The human brain is like a supercomputer. On a daily basis, our brains keep our bodies functioning, help us process and convey large quantities of information quickly and reliably, and make complex decisions. When dementia sets in, carrying out these functions become a challenge. Join us on a tour of our brain and to learn more about the facts of dementia. 

Speaker: Ms Joanne Loy, Trainer, Alzheimer’s Disease Association


How to Turn on Subtitles on YouTube (如何打开 YouTube 字幕)

English and Chinese subtitles are available. 此视频包括中文及英文字幕。
Click the CC icon on the bottom-right of the video to turn on subtitles. 点击右下方的"CC"按钮来开启字幕播放。
Click the white gear icon on the bottom-right. 再点击字幕小图标右边的齿轮设置按钮。
This will open the video settings in a pop-up window. 点击之后,视频会弹出一个小弹框。
Click English or Chinese (Simplified) for the subtitle language. 最后,选择English或Chinese(Simplified)字幕。

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