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Salads for All

Are you looking to live a healthier, longer life? You can put together a salad that meets 100% of our nutritional needs at home! Discover how this begins with an easy-to-remember colour system on shopping for salad ingredients in the five key food groups: water, fibre, minerals, starch and protein. There will be a demonstration of how the ingredients are put together, including the healthier choices of dressings available. It may seem like a lot of science is involved, but it is Salads for All – anyone can do it.

Speaker: Ms Ajuntha Anwari, Trainer, Society for WINGS


How to Turn on Subtitles on YouTube (如何打开 YouTube 字幕)

English and Chinese subtitles are available. 此视频包括中文及英文字幕。
Click the CC icon on the bottom-right of the video to turn on subtitles. 点击右下方的"CC"按钮来开启字幕播放。
Click the white gear icon on the bottom-right. 再点击字幕小图标右边的齿轮设置按钮。
This will open the video settings in a pop-up window. 点击之后,视频会弹出一个小弹框。
Click English or Chinese (Simplified) for the subtitle language. 最后,选择English或Chinese(Simplified)字幕。

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