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[NSA Virtual Roadshow] Retirement: Making a Successful Transition

One of the biggest challenges seniors face is transiting from working life to “retired” life. Extracted from the ‘Designing for a 100-Year Life’ course by NUS, learn how you can manage this stressful event in life using the 4-step process. You will also find out about the opportunity to monetise your skills in the Silver Economy. Vintage Radio DJs Rahimah Rahim, Brian Richmond and Aloysius Tan will also be joining our esteemed speaker to discuss and share perspectives on retirement!


This live talk is suitable for seniors aged 50 and above and organised in collaboration with C3A, NUS and VintageRadio.SG.


Abhi Patwardhan, Founder and CEO of Alt-Lyf, "Designing Your Life" Coach


Aloysius Tan, Co-Founder of VintageRadio.SG


Brian Richmond, Veteran Radio Presenter and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Rahimah Rahim, Renowned Singer, Performer and Cultural Medallion Recipient

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