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72-year-old man wows netizens with longboarding moves

72-year-old man wows netizens with longboarding moves

Published on

11 Jan 2022

Published by

The New Paper

You’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream, so the saying goes. 


Well, an elderly man certainly took that maxim to heart before grabbing his helmet and longboard and heading to the Singapore Sports Hub.


He rode his longboard along the sheltered running track at the venue, and was spotted by a woman who was both impressed and intrigued. 


The woman, a longboarding enthusiast herself, chatted up the man, known as Uncle Paul and who is 72 this year, before recording a 45-second video of him trying out some moves.


She later uploaded the video to her TikTok page Nicolelms last Saturday (Jan 8). The clip has since garnered around 180,000 views and over 200 comments.


"He just bought his longboard and has been watching YouTube videos to learn," Nicolelms wrote.


In the video, Paul is all geared up for his longboarding session with helmet, gloves, and elbow and knee pads. He even had the often “prerequisite” pair of Vans sneakers on.


He tells the women he’s interested in picking up some moves from longboard dancing – a subset of longboarding involving elegant body spins and cross-stepping movements on a moving longboard.


With Nicolelms's help, he managed to pick up the 180 step and ghost ride and also learnt to pop his board. 


The video's comments section weren’t shy of supportive messages. 


Many TikTok users were impressed Paul's body could withstand the physical toll of longboarding.


Paul and Nicolems apparently also had a heart-to-heart during the two-hour longboarding session, when he told her "life is too short and you should spend it doing things that you enjoy".


Some wise words to live by right there.


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