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Reboot vour life after retirement


Contrary to popular belief, retirement does not mark the end of a productive, participatory life. Our work life does not solely define who we are. A new lease of life starts with the embarkation of our second vocation. It could be something that we have always aspired to do or a higher calling that will take our vocational wellness to the next level - volunteering.


Create your legacy as a volunteer
Third agers, who have already achieved many milestones along their life journey, can use their talents, skills and accumulated life experiences to make a difference to our community. When we are in our golden years, our greatest joy is to leave behind a legacy that will be remembered by our next generation. Volunteering helps us to discover the essence of what it takes to lead a healthy, joyful lifestyle, and contributes to our well-being, including our physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.


There is much to benefit from being a volunteer as it enhances the 7 Dimensions of Wellness in our lives:

Volunteering widens our social circle and offers us the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with like-minded people.

A wider social circle and support network give us more peace of mind, as it is comforting to know that there will be always someone to lend us a listening ear.

Volunteering can bring about a new stage of personal development in our lives. Many volunteers, who have made important contributions to others, have found their true calling in life.

Volunteering also opens new doors to opportunities. For instance, a calligrapher who volunteers to conduct simple calligraphy lessons after retirement will not only impart his skills to the next generation, but he may also sell his calligraphy pieces during festive events organised by the volunteer organisation that he is helping out at.

As a volunteer, we are always on the go. For instance, park guides will enjoy the chance to get good exercise in the outdoors while on duty.

Many volunteer organisations offer comprehensive training programmes for us to pick up a new skill. Alternatively, volunteers will get to learn 'on the job'. A good example is a museum guide who will have the opportunity to learn much about the arts and culture.


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