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Love What You Do, Do What You Love


The secret to fulfilment lies in contentment. Anything is possible is your mantra. For seniors who reach 50 and beyond, actively seeking meaningful work becomes important to gaining personal satisfaction. As we go through life, the purpose of work inevitably changes. As we enter our silver years, we yearn to use our talents and accumulated wisdom to give back to society.

So what is vocational wellness? Briefly, it is that ability to gain personal satisfaction from your endeavours – be it a career (paid work) or voluntary work – while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Satisfaction is attained when you are able to contribute your skills and talents towards work that is meaningful and rewarding, and which also resonates with your core values. So explore landing yourself in that dream job or even a second career because meaningful work keeps us engaged and growing. Even volunteering to help others can be fulfilling. So make your senior years the best of times to follow through on those dreams and turn them into reality.


Telling Signs of Vocational Wellness

  1. Recognition and personal satisfaction through work and volunteerism
    When your own personal values, belief and interests are aligned with the work, whether paid or voluntary, you will surely derive tremendous satisfaction. For example, volunteering in an animal shelter may become your vocation if you have a compassion for homeless dogs and cats.
  2. Enjoy going to work most of the days
    This can only happen if you find the fun in your work and love what you do. Feel energised and refreshed when you wake up each morning with a zest for work.
  3. Knowing what motivates you
    Passion drives motivation, thus it is easier to be motivated to do what you believe in fervently. For example, if you are passionate about helping the underprivileged, you will be motivated to undertake work that promotes their welfare.
  4. Balancing work with leisure
    Drawing the line between work and play is important for a balanced lifestyle. So avoid taking work home. Instead, give your full-fledged attention to your spouse, family and friends.

Remember, do what you love and love what you do. Enjoy the fun in your work and you will have fun as you work. Finding fulfilling work may be challenging but ultimately, when you have secured vocational wellness, the experience is both rewarding and enriching.


Helping Helps
When you volunteer out of the goodness of your heart, you will also receive in return. The benefits of volunteerism may be intangible, but the impact is positive. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Widen your social circle by getting to know more people
  • Develop skills or learn
  • Contribute to the next generation by mentoring younger co-workers
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence by knowing that you can make a difference
  • Influence others, like your friends and family, to join you in your volunteer work


Improving Vocational Wellness

  1. Know that your talent and wisdom can not only prove yourself but also contribute to society
  2. Find the positivity and benefits in the work, and you will see your work as satisfying and rewarding
  3. Be committed and enjoy what you do
  4. Focus on your passion, goals and dreams
  5. Do not settle for less, keep yourself motivated to your goals and aims
  6. Avoid overworking yourself


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