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Boost Your Brain and Well-being


One of the secrets to ageing well is to work on our intellectual wellness. Scientists believe that the integration of creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities into the routines of our daily life will keep our minds sharp.

Individuals who invest in continuous intellectual growth and mental stimulation will reap the rewards of intellectual wellness, and stay emotionally and physically invigorated over the long term.

Make lifelong learning part of your wellness goals
Wellness does not only pertain to physical fitness but also many other aspects in your life, including mental fitness. Sustaining intellectual wellness involves the acquisition and expansion of one's knowledge and skills via active participation in lifelong learning and self-improvement pursuits.

Here are some tips on keeping your mind active:

  • Attend classes and workshops to learn new things that interest or benefit you. Such activities, like learning a new language, craft or musical instrument, help keep your mind flexible and invigorated, and may help decelerate the slowing of the thought processes that comes with age.
  • Take up a hobby or regularly indulge in activities that keep your mind alert and nimble, such as playing bridge or golf, building model crafts and learning new words. Engaging in such activities will help enhance your concentration power and creativity, as well as improve your comprehension, strategising and decision­-making skills.
  • Explore new ways of doing things, take up new challenges, or play games and solve puzzles like Scrabble, Sudoku and crosswords, to exercise your problem-solving skills and boost your cognitive abilities.
  • Engage in memory training exercises to reinforce cognitive memory. You can start with simple tasks like memorising telephone numbers and the grocery list.
  • Engage in invigorating debates and discussions with friends and colleagues to sharpen your logical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Give your brain regular breaks from exertion and stress. Just like our body, our brain needs regular doses of exercise as well as rest to stay healthy. Refresh your mind with calming and relaxing activities like leisurely walks and yoga.

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