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Wonderful Wetlands Series

Wonderful Wetlands Series

Mangroves and coastal ecosystems support biodiversity and play an essential role in addressing climate change. Through the Wonderful Wetlands series, learn about mangroves and find out how mangroves planted at Kingfisher Wetlands, our very own urban wetlands in downtown Singapore, contribute to the Gardens’ sustainability efforts!  Join our activities to gain a deeper understanding on nature-based solutions to combat climate change. Wonderful Wetlands Series is sponsored by Temasek and SG Eco Fund.


Mangrove monitoring


Join us as a citizen scientist to collect data for monitoring the growth of mangroves and biodiversity planted in Kingfisher Wetlands! Through an outdoor field session, participants will get to experience first-hand on how mangroves are monitored using a science-based approach, learn about blue carbon and discover the importance of mangroves and coastal ecosystems. During the activity, participants will learn techniques to monitor mangrove health and conduct fauna survey.


Kindly note that, as the activity requires entering the pond (up to shin-deep level), all participants have to be at least 18 years old, be physically fit to carry out strenuous exercise and be a confident swimmer.  


Public Lecture (Webinar)


How does protection and restoration of habitats help us in tackling climate change? Find out more about the importance of wetlands and coastal ecosystems in storing ‘blue carbon’ and supporting biodiversity. 


Participants of the activities in the next few months will have the opportunity to help the Gardens trial a pilot Augmented Reality tour of Kingfisher Wetlands, where visitors can learn about climate change, biodiversity and Sustainability on a self-guided journey.





23 Jul 2022 to 24 Dec 2022

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Gardens by the Bay



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