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Lasting Power of Attorney, Wills & Advance Care Planning

Lasting Power of Attorney, Wills & Advance Care Planning

Time: 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM


Learn how a will, power of attorney and Advance Care Planning can serve the interests of you and your family


About this event


This special talk features two speakers, sharing about Lasting Power of Attorneys, wills and Advance Care Planning.


You will obtain an overview on the making of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and its legal implications. Once in place the LPA can alleviate stress and difficulties that could be faced by your loved ones when you do not have the capacity to make decisions. The value of making a Lasting Power of Attorney lies in its anticipatory nature. It allows you to plan ahead and appoint someone whom you trust to manage your finances and your welfare if you should suddenly become mentally incapacitated.


You will also learn about why it's important to start Advance Care Planning (ACP) conversations with your loved ones, and the whats and hows of ACP.  Who among your loved ones can be your voice if you become very ill one day? What will your healthcare preferences be in difficult medical situations? An ACP can help address some of these questions.


Speakers: Mr Tan Siak Hee, Legal Counsel, Brahm Centre, and Ms Lily Gan, Senior Counsellor and Mindfulness Trainer, Brahm Centre


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29 Jan 2022

Organised By:

Brahm Centre




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