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Designing for a 100-Year Life

Designing for a 100-Year Life

"I am retiring soon/recently retired but unsure of what to do next. How can I live as the best version of myself in the future?"


Have you found yourself having similar thoughts about life after retirement? With a longer life expectancy, are your finances in check to prepare for enjoying those longer golden years? How about trying out that small home-based business that you have always said that you wanted to do when you have more time? Do you have a list of hobbies and activities you would like to do with your friends and family?


You may find the course “Designing for a 100-Year Life” helpful in your retirement planning process!


This course will be taught by esteemed trainers who are part of Stanford University’s Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI) Fellows program, which provides highly accomplished individuals with the opportunity to develop themselves for socially impactful roles.


Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller book ‘Designing Your Life’, this 4-day course equips mid-career PMETs and those retiring in the near future with valuable knowledge and skills to better understand evolving trends in ‘Future of Work’, apply design thinking principles to life, build their own personalised future plans and use their newly gained skills to influence their career choices or business ideas. 


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  • The New Global Order: Explore how the world is changing taking into account the emerging global trends in future of work and future of jobs, changing global geo-political order, automation and technology, and emphasising on the implications of these trends for both Asia and Singapore.
  • The 100-Year Life: Learn about the unprecedented demographic and societal changes globally and technological advances in area of human longevity
  • Learn about changing population demographics in Singapore and its implications on life course decisions to shape your health and wellness
  • Manage your career: Learn about current issues and developments in the changing landscape of jobs and work, how it is likely to evolve, and how it could influence your career choices or provide business ideas
  • Learn to manage work when things are overwhelming, and to manage setbacks; develop life skills such as resilience and failure immunity

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21 May 2022 to 29 May 2022

Organised By:

National University of Singapore


National University of Singapore
21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd
Singapore 119077

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