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Bring a Friend Package

Encourage your friend or loved one to learn and engage in meaningful activities together! In this packaged course, take your pick of 2 courses from the various topics available, such as how to start an online business, mid-life transition and digital photography.


Packaged Course Fee from $190.80 per pair* (usual: from $212.00 per pair).

*Terms & Conditions apply:
a)    Participants would have to be Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) aged 50 and above, and
b)    One of the two registered participants must be female.


This package comprises the following courses:

  1. How to Start an Online Business (Level 1)
    In this course, you will learn about the current e-Commerce Landscape and how to set up an online store. 
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  2. How to Start an Online Business (Level 2)
    This course is aimed at those who have completed “How to Start an Online Business (Level 1)” and want to further understand digital marketing and how to write good product content for their websites or Facebook feeds. Learners are required to bring their computers or tablet.
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  3. How to Start a Home-Based Food Business 
    Thinking of starting a small home-based food business? Due to Covid-19, many people have started home-based food businesses, selling baked goods and home cooked food. 
    The course will cover a range of issues, considerations and provide some invaluable information and ideas to help those who wish to have a small home business of their own get started on the road to success. 
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  4. Mid-Life Transition Mid-Career to New Beginning 
    Many of us will experience mid-life transition at some point in our lives. Far from being a “mid-life crisis”, this is an opportune moment to reflect on where we are in our career journeys, review career goals and identify the work environments that meets these goals and that gives us fulfilment.
    This course will help participants understand themselves, build confidence and develop a growth mindset to get ready for a mid-career transition and adapt to the new journey.  Practical tips on career planning, goal setting and networking will be included to help learners put their goals into action.
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  5. Back-to-Work After Retirement - Relearning Skills to Stay Relevant in the Gig Economy
    After retirement, you may discover that you want to return to work for an extra stream of income or for the benefits of keeping busy or maybe for the chance of a second career. Whatever the reason, you now have this chance to earn some income in today’s Gig Economy.  The Gig Economy offers many opportunities for retirees or anyone to earn supplementary income through short-term jobs, or “gigs”. This programme aims to help retirees or anyone that wants to update their skills to be relevant in the current digitally enabled economy. 
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  6. Journey in Digital Photography 
    Pick up basic knowledge and skills of digital photography and the efficient ways of handling a digital camera.
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  7. How To Sell Your Photos Online and Earn Extra Income
    Learn how to take photos and use the photos to earn extra income. 
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Package Details

Package Fee S$190.80 per pair (usual: from $212.00 per pair)


Society for WINGS (WINGS)



From 20 hours


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