The benefits of volunteering are plentiful. Not only can it help to increase your social circle, it can help you to stay productive and keep mentally and physically well as you age. For Mr Tan, Madam Teo and Mr Chiang, volunteering and contributing back to society helped them feel a sense of fulfilment and meaning in life. Check out their stories to see how the lives that they touched became a major source of motivation for them to continue their passion for volunteering!

Finding meaning in life despite an unexpected change

"After my stroke, I used to stay home all the time. But ever since I started volunteering as a befriender, I became more outgoing. I also felt happier and have made many new friends."
Mr Tan Eng Cheow, 66, Community befriender

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Keeping active is a joy for these long-time community volunteers

“When you are busy and passionate about what you do, you don't feel old.”
– Madam Teo Lin Lee, 59, Avid volunteer

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Merdeka Generation: Community service runs in his blood

“I'm still very active in helping to organise community activities "to gel the people together”, and to build a cohesive community.”
– Mr Bernard Chiang, 67, Vice-chairman of the residents' committee

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