Mr Suppiah, Mdm Lie and Mr Syed Ibrahim share a similarity of having made their passions an integral part of their career and life. Mr Suppiah is Singapore’s oldest practicing lawyer and still keeps active through golf and relearning Japanese. Mdm Lie is passionate about sewing and keeping the traditional aspects of Malay clothing alive. For Mr Syed Ibrahim, he has kept his passion in music alive since his childhood years through different roles in his lifelong career in the arts and music. Check out the inspiring life stories of these 3 seniors, where passion is made possible in Singapore!

At 87, lawyer is still fighting the good fight

"The secret of long life is to take pride in your talent, which forces you to live up to it. That requires personal discipline in regular workouts and good food to maintain your pace. Then everything else falls into place."
- Mr P. Suppiah, 87, Lawyer

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Sew in love: For 26 years, Chinese seamstress has kept traditional Malay costumes alive

“Needles and thread were never far away when growing up, so it was inevitable that sewing would become the guiding passion in my life.”
– Mdm Lie Hong Haw, 64, Seamstress

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Merdeka Generation: Drum major's big part in helping shape Singapore's arts and education movement

“I grew up watching my brothers perform in a band. For them, it was a hobby. But for me, it was an inspiration. Eventually, I came to a point in my career where I realised I wanted to do more for the community using the arts.”
– Mr Syed Ibrahim Haja Mohideen, 64, Veteran percussionist

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