Growing older doesn’t mean that we have to stop learning. Instead, we can choose to view life with a positive mindset. Discover the inspiring stories of Ms Chua, Mr Singh and Mr Lock, who have adopted positive ageing as a way of life to continue doing the things that they love and are important to them. Despite the challenges faced, they have proven that they are able to overcome them and pursue their passion in life..

Fighting feat: Fencer fends off challenges

"I hope to inspire the younger generation, because there is so much to learn yet it can be fun as well."
- Ms Joyce Chua, 63, Fencer

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He helps seniors understand the language of technology

“My inspiration is to help my peers all the time. Until the day they don't need me, I have no intention of stopping.”
– Mr Singh, 70, Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassador

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The Lives They Live: Finding his calling at 75

“People tend to have a mentality that is focused on themselves. You need to change yourself before you can change other people.”
– Mr Lock Meng Swee, 81, TCM pharmacist and volunteer

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