If you are living life right, why change? Such is the philosophy for Dr Khoo, Mr Singh and Mr Chia, who want to continue their work as it gives them a sense of purpose by contributing to society, and helps them keep active mentally and physically. Check out the stories of these inspiring seniors and how their work played an important part in their life journey and impacted those around them.

The Lives They Live: Doctor is still in, at age 89, for Rochor residents

"I realised I enjoy the profession, curing and helping people. And I realised I'm doing some good. I will continue to work as long as I'm fit and I feel wanted and useful."
- Dr George Khoo Swee Tuan, 89, General practitioner

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Veteran nurse has no plans to retire

“If I can still contribute to the nursing profession and hospital, why should I stop doing so?”
– Mr Harbhajan Singh, 77, Veteran nurse

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Fighting to keep choy li fut martial arts alive

“Choy li fut has always been more than just a self-defence skill to me - it is a way of life. And I would like to pass down this martial art to future generations.”
– Mr Chia Yan Soon, 81, Choy li fut grandmaster

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