As the saying goes, age is an issue of mind over matter. For these nonagenarians, their interests and positive mindset became a driving factor to help them stay active and lead life with purpose. Be inspired by the stories of Mr Tan, Mr Gill and Mr Hor, who have made countless accomplishments by challenging themselves to transcend personal boundaries.

Singapore’s oldest skydiver marks 90th birthday with jump

"After you've tried skydiving, you'll feel like a different person, because you dared to do something that you were afraid of."
- Mr Tan Kok Sing, Fitness advocate and avid skydiver

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At 90, former Olympian is just getting warmed up

"I found cricket interesting and, like all things in life, I decided to try and put 110 per cent effort into it."
– Mr Ajit Singh Gill, Athlete and former Olympian

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A life marked by passion for song and sport

"The secret of longevity is to exercise daily, eat moderately, be happy and show no anger."
– Mr Hor Chim Or, Former Singapore national basketball player, pioneer Peking opera singer, author and restaurateur

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