These elder-preneurs are living proof that age is no barrier to starting something new. Check out the inspiring stories of Ms Teo, Mr Lam and Madam Ng, who have all overcome challenges to build successful businesses with their skills and expertise. Not only did it help them find new purpose and meaning in their silver years, it is a way of keeping engaged with their community and to lead active lives.

She gets new orders every week through word of mouth

“I'm very fussy about my workmanship because I believe in doing things well. My motto is: By love we serve. Nothing makes me happier than buyers who tell me they are happy with their purchases.” - Ms Teo Lay Hong, 77, Quiltmaker

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He wants to help seniors organise travel necessities

“I always believe in making plans a reality. I don't want to just learn more and upgrade my skills, but also to actually do something meaningful.” – Mr James Lam, 62, Creator of the Elder Pouch

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Cool Grandma runs her own blogshop

“I design every piece on my own, and each piece is a mix and match of different batik patterns. My children and grandchildren taught me to launch an online store to market my goods." – Madam Ng Suan Loi, 77, Blogshop owner

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