Besides sharing a common trait of being a septuagenarian, Teresa, Rama and Seok Hiong have another commonality – the love for learning. Read about Teresa, an avid reader and enthusiastic writer of recipes, who fell in love with computers. Check out Rama, the serial skills upgrader who has completed over 30 courses from Mandarin to computer skills. And don’t miss the self-learner Seok Hiong, who believes that 70s is not a time to conserve energy or lose focus on living, but rather to still live life with the long term in mind!

Falling in Love with Computers

“I thought hard on how to overcome this problem. I couldn’t let it defeat me, and then I realised that I could type on computers instead…After attending the computer classes, I fell in love with computers!” - Teresa Chin

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He is 70 and a serial skills upgrader

"I told my children, 'If you want me to stay at home, give me grandchildren, then I'll take care of them and I can pass time. Otherwise, if I sit at home and watch TV, it's a waste of time and I'll fall sick easily.” - Rama

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Joy of Learning

“I’m an advocate for lifelong learning. And since I represent the seniors, I must be brave and prove that seniors can learn new things and we can contribute to society.” – Goh Seok Hiong

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