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Mobility Workout for Seniors | First Light [Ep 109]

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ActiveSG Masters Club


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It's time of the week for some mobility work again. Join Michael and Lily from Team Nila and Fitness Instructor Jen to mobilise your joints to keep them in good shape and maintain our flexibility to reduce the risk of injuries.

If you like to workout with us LIVE, join us in our fun and energetic Zoom sessions. Sign up at and we will send you the information of the upcoming classes!

The Get Active! First Light Masters and Seniors Fitness Programme is specially designed for masters and seniors to stay active and healthy at home. Each workout is a sort 30-min session with easy movements. The low impact exercises are also suitable for individuals who want to kickstart their fitness journey.

Warm Up Exercises:
4 to 6 Reps each


1) Bounce

2) Single Arm Circle

3) Toe Touch to Squat

4) Lunge Reach Forward

Workout of the Day:
3 to 6 Reps each


1) Child Pose Raise Forward to Chest Opener
2) Quadruped to Hip Opener
3) Quadruped to Diagonal Pigeon
4) Quadruped to Knee to Elbow Tap
5) Quadruped to Over the Knee Tap
6) Standing to Reverse Lunge to Open Sumo
7) Open Sumo to Reach to Elbow to Sides


Cool Down Exercises:
3 Reps each


1) Deep Squat
2) Child Pose
3) Side Kneeling Stretch
4) Cat & Cow Pose


Source: ActiveSG Masters Club. Reproduced with permission.