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Lower-Body Weighted Exercise | First Light [Ep 64]

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ActiveSG Masters Club


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As we age, our desire is to stay independent and move freely without any walking aid. Join Jen, Fitness Trainer, and Lily Wong and Lily Bok from Team Nilas for a 30 mins lower body workout to develop the strong muscles you need! For more exercise resources for Masters and Seniors, visit


The Get Active! First Light Masters and Seniors Fitness Programme is specially designed for masters and seniors to stay active and healthy at home. Each workout is a sort 30-min session with easy movements. The low impact exercises are also suitable for individuals who want to kickstart their fitness journey


Warm Up Exercises: 40s per exercise


1) Side Step

2) Hip Opener

3) Knee Lift

4) Side Lunges Reach

5) Hip Rotation


Workout of the Day: 3 rounds of 40s per exercise with 20s of rest


1) Alternate Lateral Leg Lift

2) Alternate Knee Lift

3) Side to Side Squat

4) Squat Pulse

5) Alternate 3 Pulse Back Lunge

6) Side Lunge


Challenge for the Day: Curtsy Lunge


Cool Down Exercises: 40s per exercise


1) Calf + Side Stretch

2) Hamstring Stretch

3) Quaddricep Stretch

4) Cat/Cow Stretch

5) Shoulder + Tricep Stretch

Source: ActiveSG Masters Club. Reproduced with permission.