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Silver Caregivers Co-operative

Silver Caregivers is a start-up enterprise that hopes to better the quality of life of caregivers and become a one-stop centre of information for caregivers

Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited is a start-up enterprise that hopes to better the quality of life of caregivers for elderly by offering a range of products and services at discounted rate to its members, and become a one-stop centre of information in their caregiving roles in Singapore.


The Task of Caregiving

Research has found that Caregivers tend to neglect their own health care appointments and eat poor-quality diet among caregivers who provide assistance with basic activities of daily living (ADLs). This has bearing on their health status in the long term.


Caregivers are also at high risk of fatigue and may lose their motivation to care for their loved ones due to the demands of their caregiving roles.


SCCL’s Cause for the Caregivers

Silver Caregiver Co-operative Limited champions the cause of caregivers, especially the sandwiched group*, by empowering them with relevant holistic skill sets.


Through collaboration with various organizations, it hopes to provide aseries of workshops, seminars and public forum to support and prepare them socially and mentally to be effective caregivers.


*Sandwiched group refers to caregivers who are not within the bottom 5% of the economic ladder.


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Email : info@silvercaregivers.org.sg

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