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Listen up: Free hearing test at 17 centres

LIM YI HAN on 15 Sep 2014

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THE public can go for free hearing tests at 17 hearing care centres from today till the end of this month.


This initiative is in line with Siemens Hearing Awareness Week 2014, an event by manufacturer Siemens Medical Instruments.


Now into its sixth year, the event aims to raise awareness about the importance of hearing health.


A two-day event was held at the National University Health System Tower Block over the weekend. Free hearing screenings were available and booths were set up to educate the public on hearing health.


Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Loh Woei Shyang, senior consultant in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at the National University Hospital, said it is important to check one's hearing, instead of simply dismissing it as "ageing".


"(Some people would) rather choose to ignore it than to face it. There are also issues about the costs of rehabilitation. A good pair of hearing aids can easily cost thousands (of dollars)... But if you know early enough, you can adopt some preventive measures to minimise the impact," said Dr Loh.


Young people should also take note. A study published in February showed that one in six young people here risks losing their hearing due to prolonged exposure to loud music.


Retiree Patricia Ng, 76, went for the free hearing screening at yesterday's event. She said in Mandarin: "I know I can't hear very well, but I thought it was normal. I've never gone for hearing tests because they are expensive. It's good to do it now since it's free."


Visit for the list of participating centres for free hearing screenings.


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