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Designed with the elderly in mind

Colour, design and elder-friendly equipment figure prominently in refurbished clinics


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The spanking new clinics at Singapore General Hospital (SGH ) do not just look good. They were designed with the elderly in mind. The Centre for Digestive and Liver Diseases – a giant clinic that resulted from the merging of three regular-sized clinics – is colour- and design-coded to make it easier for patients to find their way around.

“When giving directions to the patients, our nurses in the clinic tell them to walk to the blue corridor, for instance, look for the door number, and wait to be called,” said Mr Zhuo Weichao, Operations Executive, Specialist Outpatients Clinics, SGH .

The clinics now also use softer yellow light, while corridors and consultation rooms (pictured above) use brighter white light for clarity. The same age-friendly considerations can be found at the refurbished L (neurosurgery, psychiatry and rehabilitation) and M (kidney and geriatric conditions) clinics.

“We use both conventional and elder-friendly weighing machines. The ones for the elderly have a chair for patients who are wheelchair-bound, are weak or can’t stand,” said Ms Janet Fung, Nurse Clinician in charge of the clinics. Height-adjustable examination couches in the consultation rooms, as well as TV screens, are other elder-friendly equipment at these clinics.

“Patient education is priority at our clinics,” said Ms Fung. For instance, renal patients often need to collect urine for 24 hours before their appointments. But old people can be forgetful, so a video recording of the steps they have been told to follow is played over and over again on the TV screen at the renal clinic.

Credit: Singapore Health

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