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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam

Saskia Naafs & Guido Van Eijck

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Author: Saskia Naafs & Guido Van Eijck


Publisher: Antwerp: Luster, 2016.


Call No.: English 914.92385 NAA-[TRA]


Many of us would have travelled to places like China, Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. How about city less trodden like Rotterdam? In this compact 251-page guidebook, Saskia Naafs and Guido Van Eijck neatly lay out 500 best-kept secrets of Rotterdam for travellers to explore.


In it, the authors – natives of Rotterdam – draw up lists of destination spots with interesting details that few people might know about. For example, the Roof Park, which connects the Schiemond and Delfshaven neighbourhoods, is actually is 9 metres above street level. Homesick for Singapore food? You will find an entry for Singapore chilli crab in the section “5 Best Chinese Restaurants” on page 39!


A useful guidebook for first timers as well as seasoned travellers, The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam offers invaluable insights about a city known for a vibrant cultural scene, attractive waterfront vistas and excellent shopping!


Reviewed by Peter Chan, National Library Board (NLB).


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