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End Everyday Pain for 50+

Joseph Tieri

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End Everyday Pain for 50+: A 10-Minute-A-Day Program of Stretching, Strengthening and Movement to Break the Grip of Pain


Author: Joseph Tieri


Publisher: Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press, 2016


Call No.: English 616.0472 TIE -[HEA]


Chronic aches and pain are common complaints as we grow older. We lament that our bodies are no longer like before and blame old age for this “inevitable” chronic suffering. However, much of the pain stems from years of misalignment and tension placed on the body. A vicious cycle also occurs if one avoids simple stretching due to pain.


In this book, Dr Joseph Tieri, an osteopathic physician, teaches you how to identify these pain-causing habits and postures.  Find out how lack of stretching or poor range-of-movement can aggravate your condition, and how you can spend 10 minutes a day to bring quick relief and reverse these conditions. The book is written with easy-to-follow steps complete with photographs for better understanding. It also contains simple self-tests that you can easily administer to gain a better understanding of your condition.


Above book review contributed by Tan Yun Xian, National Library Board (NLB).


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