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Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (Or Die Trying)

Bill Gifford

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Publisher: London: Oneworld Publications, 2015.


Call Number: English 613.2 GIF -[HEA]


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Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (Or Die Trying) is a dynamic and lively look at a subject of utmost importance to almost any person with a pulse: How can we stay younger for longer? In his signature witty style, journalist Bill Gifford takes us on a captivating exploration of ageing, wading through centuries of scientific history and more recent – and sometimes improbable-sounding – research. He enlightens us on how and why we age, and describes some sensible steps that may help to slow down time’s inevitable march. Along the way, he tries to separate fact from fiction and highlights some of the hoaxes and myths about living longer.


Gifford packs a great deal of analysis and insight into his writing, and manages to present complex science in an engaging and often humorous manner. Indeed, if laughter does keep us young, then a dose of this intelligent and entertaining book might just help us hold off the Grim Reaper!


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