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Braised Cabbage with Mushrooms


Singapore Silver Pages


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No. of Servings: 10


Serving size: 180 gm


For the Wok Fried Mushrooms


1. Cooking oil 50 ml


2. Old ginger, minced 50 gm


3. Garlic, minced 50 gm


4. Straw mushroom 1 can


5. Button mushroom 1 can


6. Dried Chinese mushroom, 200 gm soaked


7. Light soy sauce 50 ml


For the Braised Cabbage


1. Cooking oil 25 ml


2. Old ginger, minced 25 gm


3. Garlic, minced 25 gm


4. White cabbage, sliced 1.5 kg


5. Shanghai red beancurd 15 gm


6. Excess mushroom water 250 ml


7. Dark soy sauce 10 ml


8. Black moss (fatt choy) 5 gm




1. Mince old ginger and garlic and set aside for later use.


2. Remove mushrooms from can and reserve liquid for later use.


3. Cut straw mushrooms and button mushrooms into halves.


4. Soak dried mushrooms overnight, strain off the water. Keep the water for stir-frying. Cut mushrooms into halves.


5. Heat up wok, add in oil and sweat ginger and garlic till lightly brown.


6. Add in all 3 types of mushrooms, fry them with some light soy sauce for 15 minutes and then remove and set them aside for later use.


7. Heat up wok, add in oil and sweat ginger and garlic till lightly brown.


8. Add in cabbage and fry well. Then, add in red beancurd and mushroom water.


9. Add in dark soy sauce and fried mushrooms and braise cabbage till it is soft.


10. Lastly, add in black moss and spread it evenly over the cabbage dish. Serve the dish immediately.




1. Strain the cooked ingredients and keep the liquid aside for later use.


2. Place the ingredients on a clean cutting board and chop finely.


3. Place the chopped ingredients into a frying pan together with the liquid and heat up over medium heat.


4. Serve the dish immediately.


Source: Singapore Silver Pages, an initiative by the Agency for Integrated Care. Reproduced with permission.



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