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Steamed Egg with Minced Meat and Mushroom


Singapore Silver Pages


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4 portions | Preparation time: 20 minutes



3 pcs Egg (medium size)

100 gm Fresh shitake mushrooms (diced)

2 tbsps Light soya sauce

120 gm Minced chicken

¼ tsp White pepper powder

2 stalks 100 gm 

Spring onion for garnish (diced) – Optional

Winter bamboo shoot (diced) – Optional




1. Beat eggs until slight bubbles appear.

2. Add minced chicken. Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve hot.

3. Season egg and minced meat mixture with light soya sauce and white pepper. Add diced mushrooms and bamboo shoots (optional) and mix well.

4. Transfer egg mixture to tray for steaming. Cover tightly with cling wrap and steam on low heat for 8 to 10 minutes.

5. Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve hot.




• Shitake mushrooms, like most mushrooms, are high in Vitamin B and may be related to weight loss. This is because they blend well with meat dishes and helps to add flavour and volume, making us feel full without adding calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium.

• Tips for buying minced meat: Avoid pork and beef that are mainly white because this shows that the meat contains a lot of fat.

• Diabetes: Pumpkin is one of the recommended foods that can be used to serve in place of white rice. Add diced pumpkin to minced pork mixture for additional nutritional benefits too.

• Dysphagia: Blend meat for a finer texture instead of having it minced. Add 200ml water to egg mixture to get a softer texture.


Source: Singapore Silver Pages, an initiative by the Agency for Integrated Care. Reproduced with permission.

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