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Tempe Kering (Fried Fermented Bean Cake in Spicy Sweet Sauce)


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Singapore Silver Pages


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No. of Servings: 10


Serving size: 150 gm




1. Cooking oil 100 ml


2. Shallot, blended 120 gm


3. Garlic, blended 40 gm


4. Blue ginger, blended 80 gm


5. Lemongrass, blended 80 gm


6. Brown sugar/Gula melaka 100 gm


7. Assam water 20 ml


8. Salt 10 gm


9. Water 100 ml


10. Tempe, cut into thin slices 800 gm


11. Red chilli, cut into thin slices 80 gm




1. Fry the tempe in hot oil till crispy and set aside for later use.


2. Heat oil up in pan and fry the blended shallots, garlic, blue ginger and lemongrass till brown.


3. Add in gula melaka, assam water, salt and water and bring mixture to a boil.


4. Lastly add in fried tempe and sliced chillies and the dish is ready to be served.


Source: Singapore Silver Pages, an initiative by the Agency for Integrated Care. Reproduced with permission.



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