Here, you can discover dozens of inspirational stories by seniors from all walks of life, taking time to do the things they love and also fulfilling dreams from their younger days. While you’ll find some sharing on how they find fulfilment in volunteering and giving back to the community, you’ll also be inspired by lifelong learners, elder-preneurs, active octogenarian and nonagenarians, and more. Check out the 3 featured stories featured each month. Read, Share & BE INSPIRED!

Age is no barrier to learning

Besides sharing a common trait of being a septuagenarian, Teresa, Rama and Seok Hiong have another commonality – the love for learning. Read about Teresa, an avid reader and enthusiastic writer of recipes, who fell in love with computers. Check out Rama, the serial skills upgrader who has completed over 30 courses from Mandarin to computer skills. And don’t miss the self-learner Seok Hiong, who believes that 70s is not a time to conserve energy or lose focus on living, but rather to still live life with the long term in mind!

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