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Lifelong Learning Council


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Have an idea to learn or promote learning? Get together with your friends, neighbours and community!


Bring your idea to life!


Find out more at: https://learnnow.sg/seedfund


What can you do with the LearnSG Seed Fund?


3 Things you need to know

About the fund

Lifelong Learning Council is looking for ideas that promote learning, inspire others and benefit the community in Singapore.


What Lifelong Learning Council funds

Any project that promotes lifelong learning. no idea is too big or too small, it could be an event, app, a video, workshop or more!


How much Lifelong Learning Council funds

Up to 90% of qualifying costs, capped at $50,000, whichever is lower.


Queries? Contact Lifelong Learning Council

You can submit your queries at: https://portal.wda.gov.sg/feedback

Or call: 6883 5885


Brought to you by: Lifelong Learning Council


Supported by: Singapore Workforce Development Agency